Shark Tank India’s Peyush Bansal shares update on Jugaadu Kamlesh, entrepreneur aims to make Rs 5 crore in his first year. Watch

Labelled as the ‘pitch of the season’ on the first season of Shark Tank India, Peyush Bansal has now provided an update on the entrepreneurs who fondly came to be known as Jugaadu Kamlesh. Kamlesh had invented a multi-functional cart that helped farmers in sowing, ploughing and watering their fields. The invention impression Peyush almost instantly and he ended up investing Rs 10 lakh for 40 per cent of the company and also gave him a loan of Rs 20 lakh with no interest.

Now, the YouTube channel of Lenskart has provided an update on the entrepreneur. Here, Kamlesh showed the new version of his cart called Bharat K2 with his trusted companion Naru. Kamlesh shared that this was the third version of his product and he has now completely transformed the product from the time he first showcased it on the tank. He also detailed as to what kind of improvements he had made on the product.

Kamlesh shared that they are planning to sell 2000 pieces in this first year and after collecting feedback from farmers based on those sales, they will scale up the sales. Shark Tank India’s Peyush Bansal shares update on Jugaadu Kamlesh, entrepreneur aims to make Rs 5 crore in his first year. Watch

“Jo kaam ek din hota tha voh kaam ab ek ghante mein hoga (What we used to do in one day, we can now do in one hour),” Kamlesh shared with Peyush. Shark Tank co-judge Namita Thapar also checked out the product and praised the improvements that Kamlesh had made on the product. When asked about his first year revenue target, Kamlesh proudly said Rs 5 crore, which impressed Peyush and Namita.

As promised on the tank, the team of Lenskart also got their designers on board and they helped Kamlesh in making the final product.

In March 2022, Peyush had shared an update on Kamlesh’s cart and shared their concerns at the time. “Biggest concerns are: weight of Cart, movement on different uneven terrains and width of cart (as alley size is small in certain crops). Next steps: Find creative solutions to these problems, do design optimisations and go back and test again,” he shared on Instagram and it now looks like that they have solved many of those problems.

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