Ukraine war: Russian soldier death rate highest since 1st week of war

Russian soldier are dying in greater numbers in Ukraine this month than at any time since the first week of the invasion, according to Ukrainian data.

Russian Soldier
This gym in Bakhmut has been reduced to rubble, as has much of the city itself. Of the 50,000 people who lived there before the war, only 2,000 remain

The Ukrainian data shows 824 Russian soldier dying per day in February.

The figures were highlighted by the UK’s Ministry of Defence. The figures cannot be verified – but the UK says the trends are “likely accurate”.

The increase could be due to a spring offensive by Russian forces in the east of the country.

Last week, Ukraine’s former defence minister, Oleksiy Reznikov, said they were anticipating a new Russian offensive around 24 February – the anniversary of the full-scale invasion.

But some local politicians, including the governors of Luhansk and Donetsk, said the offensive had already begun.

Some of the fiercest fighting has been around Bakhmut in the east of the country.

On Sunday, the head of Russia’s Wagner mercenary force said the group had seized a settlement near the devastated city.

Yevgeny Prigozhin said on Telegram: “Today, the settlement of Krasna Hora was taken by assault detachments of the Wagner PMC.”

Bakhmut’s strategic importance has been questioned, but the prolonged fighting has turned it into a symbolic prize.

According to the Ukrainian data

According to the Ukrainian data, highlighted by the UK, 824 Russian losses a day is more than four times the rate reported in June and July, when around 172 Russian soldiers died each day.

The Ukrainian military claims 137,780 Russian military deaths since the full-scale invasion began.

The UK’s MoD pointed out the recent increase could be due to “a range of factors, including lack of trained personnel, coordination, and resources across the front”.

Ukraine “also continues to suffer a high attrition rate”, the UK said.

Russian forces have made little progress in Ukraine since their retreat from the major southern city of Kherson last November.

Last month they captured the town of Soledar north of Bakhmut after an intense battle. Capturing Bakhmut could enable Russian forces to press on towards the bigger cities of Kramatorsk and Slovyansk.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has appealed to Western countries to hurry sending heavy weaponry to Ukraine to help Ukraine repel Russia’s expected offensive.

The US agreed last week to send long-range missiles that will enable Ukraine to double its attack range.

But President Zelensky wants the West to send fighter jets – saying during a visit to the UK Parliament this week that he was “thanking you all in advance for powerful English planes”.

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