BJP has no competition in 2024, people whole-heartedly with PM Modi: Amit Shah

Exuding confidence that BJP will form governments with full majority in the states where polls will take place this year, Union home minister Amit Shah on Tuesday asserted that there was “no competition” for the party in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections and the people of the country are wholeheartedly with PM Modi since his initiatives have changed their lives.

no competition

“During the small period of eight years, we have tried to raise the standard of living of 60 crore poor people,” Shah told ANI in an interview.

no competition
BJP has no competition in 2024, people whole-heartedly with PM Modi: Amit Shah

There have been so many achievements

There have been so many achievements. There are major changes in railways, there is a new policy in the space sector and we are preparing to be a leader in the sector. With the new policy, we are moving ahead in the drone sector, Union home Amit Shah said in an interview to ANI, while campaigning in Tripura.

Shah also did not agree with the suggestion that Congress has secured for itself the slot of principal opposition or that Rahul Gandhi after his “Bharat Jodo Yatra” has emerged as the chief challenger to Modi’s third straight prime ministerial bid. He said the results of elections in Tripura, Nagaland and Meghalaya, where Congress had governed until recently, will be a good pointer.

He said while Rahul may have skipped campaigning in the three states, the outcome on March 2 will have a bearing on his standing nonetheless. “Coming to a state (to campaign) might be a question of time for the Congress MP but there should be a result for the party. Let us see when the results come.”

As for Congress’s claim for the “principal opposition” tag,

As for Congress’s claim for the “principal opposition” tag, Shah again said the matter had not been settled and would be decided by the people. “As of now, people have not given the label of principal opposition to any one party in Lok Sabha. The issue will decided by the people of the country,” he said.

Shah was equally confident about BJP’s prospects in the elections in Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, scheduled this year.

Elaborating on his point about there being no credible challenge to Modi for the 2024 polls, the home minister said India made progress across all sectors to emerge as the fastest-growing major economy, while also referring to the steps taken to make the country a manufacturing hub to boost internal security and reduce import dependence in defence.

He said India’s success has been recognised globally.

Expressing confidence of BJP getting a majority in Tripura despite the unlikely alliance of staunch rivals Congress and CPM, he said people will support the saffron party for making the state prosperous by building on the development initiatives taken by its government. “That Congress has joined hands with CPM, which killed hundreds of the former’s cadres, and that CPM has been forced to join hands with its erstwhile rival, is itself an indicator of BJP’s strength,” Shah said. He dismissed speculation about the state throwing up a hung verdict because of the narrowing gap between BJP and Congress-CPM alliance. “Constituencies in Tripura are small and you will see that before 12pm on counting day, BJP would have crossed the majority mark,” he said.

He attributed BJP’s growing influence in the northeast to the PM’s initiatives for the region which helped erase “psychological distance (mann ki doori)” between the region and the rest of the country. The PM, who visited the region 51 times in 8 years, has put an end to the feeling of alienation that had grown in northeast, Shah said. “In the northeast, we have found solutions (to problems) and over 8,000 members of militant organisations have joined the mainstream,” he further said, adding that the progress in the region has not been achieved at the cost of the cultural identity of the region.

“There is not a single national festival in which artists of the northeast have not performed in Delhi,” Shah said.

Noting that the government has banned Popular Front of India (PFI), rising above vote-bank politics, Shah said the organisation promoted “radicalism and religious bigotry” and tried to prepare “raw material for terrorism” and any delay in action would not have been in the national interest. Shah also targeted Congress and said the party “tried to close cases” against PFI members, which was stopped by the court.

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