Jio to soon launch Jio AirFiber to take on traditional Wi-Fi service providers like Airtel, ACT

Reliance Jio unveiled the Jio AirFiber at its 45th AGM (annual general meeting) last year, but the company never shared its availability details. A new report by The Economic Times states that the AirFiber might launch “in the next few months.” The report also cites RIL President Kiran Thomas, who is “confident” that Jio AirFiber will accelerate the company’s “connected homes strategy.” Pricing-related details still remain unclear. Jio’s AirFiber can potentially challenge fixed-line internet service providers such as Airtel, BSNL, and ACT. 

Jio AirFiber

Jio AirFiber provides seamless 5G internet

Jio states that Jio AirFiber provides seamless 5G internet at home without too many wires. Users have to simply turn on the device, which looks like a hybrid of modern mesh and traditional routers in a white finish. The device will essentially provide a 5G hotspot at home, though the strength of the network might be much stronger than portable routers. Jio says, “With JioAirFiber, it will be really easy to quickly connect your home or office to Gigabit-speed Internet.”

Late last year, Jio also showcased the AirFiber in an advert. The video points out that JioFiber can be managed via an app and users can add parental control. The app will also allow parents to block certain websites or devices on the network. Since the AirFiber is a “wireless” solution, users do not need a technician to set up the router, unlike traditional routers. The ad shows 5G speeds of up to 1.5Gbps, which Jio promises on the cellular 5G network as well. 

Jio True 5G सेवा गया समेत बिहार के इन तीन शहरो में शुरू, ‘Welcome Offer’ मिला तो आपकी चांदी ही चांदी

Because the device utilises Jio 5G solution, the company is boasting its true-5G technology, which is built on SA (standalone) technology. On the other hand, Bharti Airtel utilises NSA technology (non-standalone), which upgrades the existing 4G connectivity.

Jio showcased the device at India Mobile

Jio showcased the device at India Mobile Congress (IMC) in October 2022, where the company also officially launched the 5G network in India. The keynote was attended by PM Narendra Modi. At that time, Jio showcased AirFiber’s 5G speeds. Jio officially sells portable routers (JioFi M2s) for Rs 2,800, while its Mesh Extender costs Rs 2,499. Its  JioExtender6 Mesh Wi-Fi System costs Rs 9,999. We can expect the new wireless router to cost Rs 10,000 since the company manufactures electronics at highly affordable prices for the Indian masses.

Jio AirFiber can expand the company’s market in the country, as India has traditionally liked wireless technology. For instance, wireless phones (feature phones and smartphones) have been highly popular in the country over traditional wired landlines. AirFiber removes the hassle of getting a long ethernet cable. However, the company may face a challenge with consistent speed and connectivity with AirFiber.


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